Jedna z bardziej znanych postaci wśród krótkofalowców z Japonii Kimio Maegawa JA9BOH odszedł do krainy wiecznych DX-ów.
Był vice szefem JARL a nam bardziej znany jest z aktywności na EME, w tym z japońskiej bazy antarktycznej pod znakiem 8J1RL (Showa Base).
Niefortunnie zakończyły się jego prace przy systemie antenowym w ramach przygotowania do przyszłotygodniowych zawodów DUBUS/REF 70cm. Zima nie jest dobrą porą na takie prace.

RIP Kimio

info Michał SP2IQW

Oryginalna widaomość z Moon-Netu poniżej:

A sudden tragic news came in:  JA9BOH Kimio Maegawa passed away Feb. 11. He fell down during the antenna maintenance.

Kimio is a retired professor of the national high techinical institute, as well as an enthusiastic EME operator since 1978, an amateur satellite and HF DX operator, and the present Vise-president of Japan Amateur Radio League.
Kimio was a research crew of Japanese Antarctic Exploiters as a scientific researcher for atmospheric conditions using a large log-periodic antenna array. And he did not forget to operate 2m CW EME from 8J1RL Showa Base during his over-winter stay.

Kimio introduced to JA, the K2RIW and W9QX UHF power amplifiers, and K2RIW yagis. Original BOH yagis are popular among JA moon-bouncers.

Personally, Kimio was my teacher for amateur satellite communications since I operated AO-10 from Taiwan for the first time, during the our amateur deligates of BV0JA and BV0YL in 1984.
Later in ‘90s, when I began EME activity, I was searching for some power tubes to use for my 70cm and 23cm operation. Kimio introduced cavity amplifiers. One was an airborne cavity using RCA rugged UHF tetrode 7213, a propper model for modification to 70cm, which was delivered from K5JL, and another one for 23cm of TH327 of DL9EBL, handled by DF6NA.
That’s the initiation of my EME operation of the following years.

And only a month before, he sent me many parts of 39D coaxial hard-lines, and bundles of his homebrew dried persimon.

Seemingly, since Kimio is an willing 70cm CW EME operator, he must have intended to operate DUBUS/REF 70cm Contest CW and SSB only, which will be held next week. That may be the reason why he climbed up the snow-covered rooftop for antenna maintenance.

To prey for the sole of Kimio, we must participate DUBUS/REF 70cm, and remember our memories with him.

Incidentally it is his birthday, today.
R.I.P. and 73’es to Kimio, and heartful condolence to his family.